Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slow Week


It is going to be slow on the blog this week. An old friend of mine passed away last week. Plus, there are several other little things going on. My son is visiting my parents, which meant I had to drive him down there the other day. We will pick him up in a few more days. However, while I was at my parents I did manage to get a couple of shots of their hummingbirds. They are difficult little buggers to photograph; fast, skittish and small. The fact that the neighbors were all mowing their lawns and wacking their weeds when the birds liked to come to the feeders didn't help. I will have to keep trying to get better photographs of these little beauties.

Keep shooting.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love the transluscent colors of the feeder and the bokeh!

Angie S.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, Angie. That was one of the things I liked about it too. I just wish I had used a bit of flash to fill in the hummingbird since it was backlit by the sun.

Susan said...

No matter--a great shot. And I too love that feeder. Are you disclosing where you got it??

Craig Lee said...

I couldn't tell you where the feeder is from as it belongs to my parents. I was visiting them and just took the photograph. ;-)