Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally got him!

The Paladin

I've been out to the Furman University Stadium area a few times now for various events. This statue of the university's mascot, shown above, is located in the main entrance to the stadium. I had tried to get a photograph of it, but never got one that I liked. The skies were frequently gray, or blown-out to pure white. There are lots of trees, lights and other distractions around it. Plus, it is a common meeting area thus there are usually lots of people around it.

This year the sky was just right with enough sunlight to illuminate the statue's details, yet enough clouds to give some interest in the sky. I was finally able to frame it without most of the junk around it. Although, I did have to clone out a couple of small items on the edges. Still, I'm glad that I finally got a shot of it that I like.

Keep shooting.


Susan I said...

You did a great job here. The sky is lovely and I really like the perspective--nicely framed with the trees on the side.

Great shot.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, Susan.