Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome to 4P Photoblog


I am Craig Lee. I have been an amateur photography hobbyist since I got a DSLR for Father's Day 2007. From that first click of my new shutter, I have been hooked on photography as a hobby and a way of recording the world around me and expressing my creative side. I also have a long suppressed enjoyment of writting. Thus, a blog seemed to be a good way to meld those two interests.

4P Photoblog will be a diary of my photographic journey. It will also be a collection of my thoughts and experiences in photography. In the coming posts I hope to share some things that I've learned, somethings I am trying to learn, and maybe discover even more things to learn with your help.

Here, I will present some photographs that I've taken. I will discuss some projects; photographic, technical and perhaps even do-it-yourself. I will review books and tutorials that I've read. I will direct you to other blogs, websites and resourses that I've found helpful and/or interesting. We will discuss a variety of topics from technical to artistic and everything in between. And don't be surprised if family photos show up from time to time. They are my only and best models afterall.

Together we can travel this wonderful road of modern expression that is revolutionizing the world we live in.

Hopefully you will enjoy your visits and join in the discussions ... After all, I need all of the help I can get. :-)


Dharmesh said...

Great Start!! I recently started my photoblog too @ dbfotografy.blogspot.com

Your photos are beautiful.

Good luck!!

Craig Lee said...

Thanks you. I was out of town for a long holiday weekend when you left your comment. I've just finished processing the photos from that trip and am in the process of uploading them to the gallery. Should have some more stuff soon.

You have some good photos on your blog as well.

Good shooting.