Friday, May 30, 2008

A Good Holiday Weekend

I’m back from the Memorial Day holiday. I hadn’t posted anything because I’ve been processing photographs. I’ve also been busy with some non-photography things. We went to visit my sister’s family. They were having a big 50th birthday for my brother-in-law. Lots of BBQ and lots of their friends came out. My sister had put disposable cameras out on tables for people to use, but no one did. So, I ended up being the only photographer for it. My sister also has a lot of flowers in her yard which made for nice photo subjects We also had a small family celebration of my son’s and my nieces’ birthdays since we were all together for once.

The next day we went out on their boat to Lake Moultrie and the Cooper River. We had a lot of fun and I got a lot of photographs … almost 600 just from the boat. The shots ranged from landscapes, to wildlife, to sports, to architecture, to family snapshots. Later that evening after dinner we went back to the Lake Moultrie shore and I took my first sunset photographs; one of which you see above.

You can see the Lake Moultrie photographs here.
The flower photos are here.

A few more of the photographs after the jump

A Tern Landing

Lining Up

Mystery Heron

Vogueing Anhinga

Banded Watersnake


Red Sky

That's it. Go to the galleries for all of the shots.

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