Monday, June 2, 2008

Some Links

I took a break from photography this past weekend. I guess I was a bit burned out from the Memorial Day weekend. So, today I'll leave you with a few links to other photography sites that I enjoy.

Pro Photo Life, written by Jim Talkington, is a fairly new blog. Jim is a professional commercial photographer in the Cincinatti, Ohio area. He covers a lot of different topics ranging from the business side of photography, equipment, and lighthing. He also has interviews with other professional photograpers as well as other photography releated topics. Every Monday he has a new video. He is currently working on an introduction to studio lighting video series. If you are interested in making photography a business, check out his site, and download his free PDF e-book about starting up a photography business.

Moose Peterson is an accomplished wildlife and nature photographer. Beautiful photographs grace his site. He gives workshops throughout the year and around the country/world.

David Tejada specializes in corporate annual report photography. He is based in Denver, Colorado and travels around the country making the mundane corporate world look interesting a glamorous. Periodically he will post behind the scenes videos of some of his shoots. It gives a good look at how an experienced photographer works on his assignments, plans the photographs, and interacts with ordinary working people to capture beautiful images.

FlashFlavor is the blog of Matt Adcock. Together with his wife, Sol Tamargo, Matt specializes in destination wedding photography. They photograph people getting married in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. The site is called FlashFlavor because they make extensive use of small, external flash units as part of their style. Checkout their "trash the dress" series where the bride "trashes" her wedding dress by frolicking in the Carribean surf or a subterranian bat cave.

Finally, no list of photography links would be complete without mentioning The Strobist blog. David Hobby has created what is possibly the best site dedicated to the use of small, portable flashes on the internet. If you have any desire to make better use of your flash unit, you owe it to yourself to read his site.

That's it for now. Keep shooting

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