Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Favorites from 2010

With 2010 gone, it was time to look back at the photographs from the year. You may have noticed a couple of new links in the "My Links" section in the sidebar. One of those links is for the gallery of my favorite photographs from 2010. It is around 190 images and I probably could edit it down to a much smaller number of "the best". But favorite and best aren't the same things and these were MY favorites, so here they are. There is a Flash slideshow of the gallery which you can see in the full post (click the Read More link below).

Also, I have added a link to purchase prints of some my photographs. I have gotten enough requests that it felt like a good time to make it available. There is a limited selected right now, but I will add more over time. I will likely reorganize it into various categories as I add more images to purchase.

I hope your holidays were merry and your new year is a good one.

Follow the link for the slide show.

Keep shooting.

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