Tuesday, May 20, 2008

About 4P

Why 4P?

Well, because all of the good names were taken. Plus, having insomnia two nights in a row makes you kind of goofy.

As the subtitle shows, the four “Ps” of the title are: Photons, Pixels, Projects and Presentations. When I got the idea it led to a sort of macro-level organization for the blog. Let me explain:

Photons are the scientific name given to the particles of light that we capture with a camera. Here on the blog, “Photon Talk” will be the label for the discussions of aspects of photography related to using the camera to capture those pesky little photons; i.e. f-stops, shutter speeds, ISO, the Inverse Square Law (shivers), viewfinder composition, lighting, etc. There will also be “Photon Tips”, “Photon Links”, and even “Photon Torpedoes!” … ok, maybe not the torpedoes.

Pixels are the individual elements that comprise a digital image. “Pixel Talk” will be the label for the discussions relating to the digital darkroom. Stuff like Photoshop, layers, cloning, unsharp masks are examples. Expect “Pixel Tips” and “Pixel Links” as well.

Projects are defined by Mr. Webster as “an organized undertaking”. On the blog that will mean anything ranging from subject-themes (self portraits, the color red) to Do-it-Yourself plans. If you’ve been following along we will have “Project Talks”, “Project Tips”, and “Project Links”.

Presenations are concerned with the final method that we display or show our photographs. “Presentation Talk” will center on any method of showing our final photographs such as physical prints, on-line galleries, DVD slideshows, or Flash-based websites. Of course you now know that I will say there will be “Presentation Tips” and “Presentation Links”.

The truth be told, I could have added a lot more “Ps” like Photoshop, Paths (for discussing “the journey”, Photographs, Pictures, and the list kept growing in my insomnia fueled haze. But I think that 4Ps are enough to cover the Big “P” and that is of course Photography. I’m sure that we’ll wander around beyond this macro-structure, but any good Project starts with a good, firm foundation and for this blog that is the 4Ps: Photons, Pixels, Projects and Presentations.

See, there is a method to my madness.

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