Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Ziser's Digital ProTalk

One of the many professional photographer's blogs that I read is Cincinnati, OH based David Ziser. He's a renowned wedding photographer and teacher. His blog, Digital ProTalk has a wealth of information about photography and post processing. I highly recommend visiting it if you have an interest in learning more about photography and Photoshop, or if you just enjoy beautiful photographs.

But, wait! There's more!

This past Monday, David made a post about his first foray into shooting with RAW files. He wondered why his two different viewers, Lightroom and IrfanView showed such drastically different versions of the same image. I left a comment explaining that one viewer was showing the embedded JPEG image an the other displaying the actual RAW image.

Well, yesterday David started a new "section" of his blog called The Confusion Solution. This new section is about the stuff that you don't find anywhere in the manuals. The first post was sparked by the comments he got about his RAW image display issue on Monday. Here is the neat part. In his post he quoted my comment from Monday! See it here! I was thrilled when I saw it. Thanks, Mr. Ziser! You made my day.

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