Friday, June 26, 2009



Another hummingbird on one of my parents' feeders. I thought it was interesting how the little bird's entire profile fit inside the profile of the clothesline pole. The pole is maybe an inch in diameter to give you an idea of how small the bird is.

I think that to get better photographs of them, that I might need to set up the camera and flash closer to the feeder. Then I would have to trigger them remotely. That way the birds wouldn't be spooked by the nearby humans. I've seen other photographers do similar things. Or I could set-up a blind like a hunter would. That would get very hot in the summer though.

Keep shooting.


Anonymous said...

Another awesome feeder. Please ask your parents where they find these!

Angie S.

Craig Lee said...

Thank you.

My mother said that she got them both from Lowes Home Improvement.