Monday, June 8, 2009

Scottish Games

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We went to the Greenville Scottish Games this past weekend. It was hot, but there were enough clouds and breeze to keep it from being to stifling. I don't know if I just wasn't in the mood for photography that day or what, but I didn't take as many photographs as I usually do and only came away with about nine or ten that I liked enough to process. Still, we had fun so I guess that is the most important thing.

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The two events that we had the most fun with this year were the sheep dog competition and the classic British car show. It is amazing to watch those sheep dogs herding the sheep. The dogs really seem to enjoy herding them as much as the spectators enjoy watching them.

There were dozens of beautiful classic cars at the auto show. They were parked along the tree-lined drive toward the Furman University stadium. It was a great place for them. The trees gave quite a lot of shade from the sun to keep people comfortable while they admired the cars. And boy were there cars. Old Rolls-Royces, MGs, a Triumph Roadster with a rumble seat (I think that was my son's favorite), Sunbeams, classic Jaguars, and new Lotus sports cars. There was even a DeLorian. I don't recall any Aston-Martins though. I saw some older Mini Coopers side-by-side with some of the new models. The new models look positively gigantic next to the classic ones.

My son did also enjoy the children's area. There were free bounce castles and he got his face painted.

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