Friday, June 19, 2009



The essentials of music: a instrument (a dulcimer in this case), sheet music, bottle of over-the-counter pain relieve, and a tip jar. This is another shot from the monthly jam session at Barnett Park. I liked how the items seemed to say something about being a musician in general or an artist in particular.

Speaking of being an artist ... I mentioned I was working on something and that I might have some news soon. Well, here it is in long story form.

Last week I took some prints to L&L Framing, a local framing shop and gallery a couple of blocks from my house. The owner seemed to like the prints that I brought in, particularly the way the metallic paper I had selected brought out the colors and gave the images an almost 3D effect. We talked for a bit and somehow I mentioned that I had been shooting for a couple of years and was trying to figure out how to make some money with my photography. He asked if I had considered putting any prints on consignment at a gallery. I said that I didn't really know how to do that, and he responded, "Talk to me." So we talked about it for a bit. I told him that I would bring a sampling of photographs for him to look over when I came to pick up the prints I was getting framed.

This week I have been organizing my images into a portfolio collection in Lightroom and then further narrowed those down to a selection for him to look through. This also meant that I had to figure out how to get prints off of my printer that looked like they did on the screen as well as all of the organizing that I had been putting off. All of which was good to do anyway for long term purposes. It also meant that I had to figure out print sizes, pricing, etc. All very new things to me.

Today I went to pick up the framed prints and show him the photographs I had selected. After waiting for him to finish with a painter that was getting some work framed, I showed him the book of photographs. He looked at them. Liked several of them. And we talked some more as did my ever personable son. In the end he has ordered 8x12 inch prints on the metallic paper of three photographs to start with to see how things go. A small order, but my first gallery order! I'm quite happy about it.

This means more things to do and learn. It has to start somewhere doesn't it?

Keep shooting.


lhd said...

Congratulations, Craig, I hope this is the beginning of a profitable relationship for both of you. Your photos are beautiful, you have a great eye, and wonderful skills to make your vision come alive. I'm glad that more people will be exposed to you talent.............lois

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, Lois. :-)