Monday, May 18, 2009

Rainbow Arc

Rainbow Arc

We went to a see a movie at Barnett Park in Spartanburg. This is the second year that the Hub City Church has hosted Movies at the Park there. It is a monthly event during the Spring and Summer to raise money for some charities. We stopped by KFC to pick up dinner, ate on the grass in the park, and enjoyed the evening. The weather forecast was for rain and while we had a couple of drizzles early on, the rain held off until after the movie and everyone was getting back in their cars. The movie this month was Kung-Fu Panda. All of the kids seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed it as I had not seen it yet.

A small branch of a rainbow appeared briefly after the drizzle had abated. Very few people seemed to notice it though. I took several shots of it with and without the polarizing filter. A polarizing filter can help accentuate a rainbow as the light from it is naturally polarized. Plus, a little color boosting during development helps out too.

Keep shooting.


Anonymous said...

Aren't rainbows marvelous!! Great catch!

Craig Lee said...

Yeah, rainbows are great. They don't generally cooperate with when I have a camera with me though.