Friday, May 1, 2009

At the Park

At the Park.

Well, I had an eventful morning. While I was getting myself some breakfast, my wife screamed as she was walking into the computer office. At first, I thought that she had seen another mouse as we've had one for awhile now that knows how to avoid all of the traps I set out for it. I swear that I think it's name is Jerry. Anyway, that wasn't what had startled her. It was a critter of the slithier variety. All that I saw of it was a small tail going behind a bookcase. Once I found where it was and that it wasn't going to move right away, my wife and son were able to leave house. Then, it was just me and the critter. I cleared out a the area around where it was, made a plan and gathered my supplies/weapons. I don't know what kind it was, but it was a baby. I successfully got it out of the house and onto the carport. It wasn't happy at all during this as you can imagine, but it couldn't get any traction on the concrete. Thus, it was easy to deal with it because I didn't want it coming back inside. I'm glad that it wasn't any larger though as I probably would have had a harder time getting it out of the house. Anyway, I owe it all to my weapons of choice: a toilet brush, a garden wind chime (think long skinny metal pole) and a bicycle tire pump. Am I armed and dangerous, or what?

Anyway, I didn't think to get any photographs of the excitement. So, today's image is from yesterday's trip to the park with my son. It was a nice day with pretty clouds in the sky. I thought it would be a good change of pace for us to go out to one of the parks inside of straight home to the TV. My son liked that idea and picked Cleveland Park here in Spartanburg. The photograph above is of him sitting on a bench enjoying the fresh air while I was photographing some flowers. Yeah, more flower shots are on the way ;-) , but I did try to get some interesting ones plus, I got some nice abstracts from around the park as well. All-in-all a fun afternoon out with my son. Can't ask for much more that that.

The town's Spring festival is today and this weekend. There is a bike race this afternoon and evening that we might go to. Then there is the general street festival this weekend. The weather forecast is for thunderstorms, but I am hopeful that they will be isolated and not continuous. If they hold off, there should be even more things to share next week.

Keep shooting.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I sure hope to NEVER find such a critter in my home. I'm terrified of things that 'slither'. I'm amused at your choice of weapons and wondering if this 'baby' had siblings...or parents?

Angie S.

Craig Lee said...

Living in the state with the most varieties of things that "slither", it is something of a hazard. As for relatives, I hope it was an orphan that was looking for a safe place to hide ... otherwise, I don't think that I could sleep tonight.

As to the weapons, you use what is available and those were available. Fear my toilet brush of justice! ;-)

Pixel Peeper said...

LOL - you fought wild animals with a toilet brush and have no pictures to prove it? Mercy!

Hope you get some good pictures of the bike race (maybe I'll even see my son in one of them - he's a bicycle racer in Greenville).

Good choice for b & w on the park picture!

Craig Lee said...

You have to admit, that I wasn't as likely to hurt myself or cause property damage with the toilet brush as if I had used a shotgun. ;-)

I've just uploaded my selected shots from the race and was about to post one of them.

Thanks. I thought that the black and white treatment was the better choice too.