Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Sky

Evening Sky

Another photograph of the evening sky over Barnett Park from this past Saturday. I tried to get some "evening" color in it, but the sky didn't light up with the reds and oranges I really wanted. Still, it was a beautiful sky that evening. I wanted to get a bit of foreground into the image as well, which is why the tops of some trees are visible. However, being right downtown there was a lot of junk I had to screen out. Thus, I'm not really sure if these trees add anything to composition or are just a distraction.

A little off-topic question. Would any of you readers be interested in reading more technical information here? For example, after yesterday's post I got to thinking about a post explaining the camera's histogram(s) and highlight warning displays. The reason that I haven't done so thus far is that I thought there were already numerous blogs and sites with that sort of information around. However, my style tends to be a bit more conversational, so I hope that I could simplify some of the more arcane features of our cameras and software. Any thoughts about that? Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know in the comments.

Keep shooting.


Pixel Peeper said...

Oh - put one chalk mark down for "good idea!" I know just enough about histograms to know that you want this "mound in the middle" type image. And my Canon Rebel shows nicely what's known as "blown highlights" with blinking areas. Heh - I figured that out AFTER I read your post from yesterday.

From what I understand, I don't have a live histogram on the Rebel, but I do on my old point and shoot (Sony H1), which I still use.

To make this short - I'll be reading the technical information, should you decide to write about it. I believe you show very nicely in your pictures what you are explaining with your text.

Craig Lee said...

Alight then, I'll start working on that for next week.