Friday, July 18, 2008

Shoot the sky!

Red Sky

This is a photograph of a sunset sky. No ground or horizon. Just the sky. I really like the colors and constrasts here. Like textures, skies can provide interesting, abstract subjects on their own. A stormy sky might project a sense of forboding. Large, white, puffy clouds and a blue skyu could denote a more pastral emotion. Take photographs of just the skies you see. You might capture some interesting clouds, or possibly have some textures you could use on future images. A good sky picture might be used to replace an uninteresting sky in an otherwise nice landscape image.

Plus, the sky is always there and won't complain about having it's picture taken.


Chris Osborne said...

Sometimes I have trouble keeping the camera straight. But with no straight lines, there's nothing to say it isn't straight. Problem solved with no horizon.

Was this in the morning or at night?

Craig Lee said...

I hear you about keeping the camera straight. I have the viewfinder gridlines turned on and I still have the problem from time to time.

The picture was taken at sunset. It is hard to get up before sunrise sometimes. ;-)