Sunday, July 27, 2008

Caesar's Head

Caesar's Head

There wasn't a Photo of the Day on Friday because I had taken my son on a photography trip up to the mountains. We went to Caesar's Head State Park and stopped at a scenic overlook on the way up. The weather was okay, but there was a nasty cloudbank that had settled over the entire southeastern US. It was bland, white, and all around terrible for landscapes. I did the best that I could in post processing though. A before and after shot from the over look after the jump. The entire gallery is at located at my Zenfolio gallery.



I editted the picture in Capture NX2. I applied levels and curves for some contrast, then used several color control points to bring detail to the sky and foreground.

I'll have to go back in the fall or winter when the hazy isn't so bad. The haze really cut the visibility down and even a polarizing filter couldn't get rid of it.


Dorky Musician said...

The color and contrast looks a lot nicer in the processed version. It's a shame, though, that people can't keep their grubby hands off of God's creation. Why do some feel a need to spray paint everything?

Caesar's Head reminds me of the Old Man in the Mountain in New Hampshire. Sadly, it fell down, but it was a neat sight. I saw it years ago when I was a kid and wish I had a chance to see it again. Oh well.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks. I definately had to punch up the colors and contrast to make up for the blah skies. The graffitti doesn't bother me much here for some reason. My son was commenting about it though.