Monday, July 21, 2008

The Peleton

The Peleton

In September, 2007, we went to watch the USA Cycling Pro Championship. It was held in Greenville, South Carolina and passed through a local park several times. The main viewing areas and start/finish line were in the downtown district. However, we thought the park would be more scenic, and as it turned out it was much less crowded. I thought the race would be a good opportunity to practice some action photography. Fast moving bikes. Riders in colorful race-wear. A picturesque park with playgrounds nearby for the kids. It all added up to a good afternoon out.

This particular shot was taken when the peleton passed by on the second lap. I like the slight blur to the riders and the bikes. It gives a sense of motion to the image. Prior to the race, I had scoped out various viewing angles and areas. This was one of my favorite spots.


Chris Osborne said...

You know, before reading this I was thinking that I liked the blur as well. I'm glad I agree with you.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks. We are so conditioned to expecting "sharp" photographs all the time that motion blur of any kind is considered anathema to photography in general. Intentional blur is as valid a compositional technique and the Rule of Thirds. It is the primary means of implying motion in a static image.