Monday, July 14, 2008

Photo of the Day


Here is something new for me. I will try to post a photograph a day during the week. There may or may not be photographs posted during the weekend since that is when I usually do my shooting and processing. Plus, there's that whole spend time with the family thing. I think I have enough of a collection now to be able sustain this for awhile. Sometimes there might be a shot from a new set of photographs that I've taken, or it might be a previous shot that I haven't posted here before.

Anyway to start things off is a photograph that I call "Forgotten". It should look familiar since it is the photograph I used to make the banner image. (Note the use of an extreme crop in the banner as discussed a couple of posts ago.) This was taken on only my second real photography outing with my D80. I took my son to a downtown park that is bisected by a small river and it's picturesque waterfall. The town grew up around this river and waterfalls so there is quite a bit of development around it. One of the features of the park is the skeleton of an old 19th century carriage factory which is now used as a special events pavilion. The pavilion is used for everything from corporate parties, to town events, to wedding receptions. When it isn't reserved for an event, it is open to the public as it was when we were walking around that day.

As we looked around, I found this one single, dried out rose sitting on the sill of one of the windows. It was illuminated by beautiful, late afternoon light and looked as if it had been left there from a wedding reception. I thought that it seemed like a forgotten symbol of love. I framed it in my viewfinder and took a handfull of photographs. It is just as I found it on the sill. I didn't rearrange it or stage it in anyway. At the time I knew I had one of those special pictures. Each image looked great in my LCD and I think it was at that particular moment that I really got bit by the photography bug. So this rose may have been have been forgotten by a newly wed bride or groom, but it is was the spark for my photographic passion and thus will not be forgotten by me at least.


Dorky Musician said...

I like that photo a lot. I don't normally think of my photos as capturing a piece of a story of something, and most of the time they don't. Yours, however, does and leaves a lot to the imagination. I would just as proud of that photo if were mine.

I like the crop you did in your banner and selective coloring. It works nicely.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, again. Sometimes a particular frame will have a story come to mind; most don't though. Your rainbow cloud photograph was seemed similar to me.

Forgotten was the first photograph I had taken where I got some "Wow" comments when I showed it to people. So, I guess I captured something a few people could relate to.

The banner was an experiment to see how I could modify an image to work in a different context. I tried a couple of other photographs for it, but this is the one that turned out the best. It also seemed appropriate to use it for the start of another photographic endevour.