Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getty Licensing Flickr Images

Yeah, I'm up late at night with a touch of ensomnia. I just checked my feed reader and noticed that there were a couple of new posts over on Strobist. Cool I thought. One of them was about a new program that Getty Images is startign with Flickr. Head over to the Strobist's site to read all about it.

Maybe I should start putting photos up on Flickr.


Dorky Musician said...

Looks like it could be a nice deal. I'm not sure anything I have in my Flickr stream would come close to something Getty would want in their catalog though. :)

I do need to buy a Pro account though.

Craig Lee said...

It'll be interesting to see how this affects things at least. It might actually go no where. Or it could be the start of the old photography institutions/old media actually starting to understand the internet.

Dorky Musician said...

Only time will tell, that's for sure.

I did find it rather interesting that people were looking to Flickr for a change in scenery when looking for photography for their media pieces. I had no idea. I've heard of images being stolen, but never put the two together. I should start tagging my photos better!