Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Photo of the Day: The Biltmore House

The Biltmore House

According to my Zenfolio statistics, this is the most viewed photograph in my galleries. The Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina is a marvelous place to spend a day. The house was built to resemble a French country estate with all of it's exterior details. The estate's gardens were designed by the same landscape architect that designed New York's Central Park. It contains a wealth of breath-taking sights and views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. The gardens are in bloom nearly year round and any flower photographer would get completely absorbed in them.

The weather wasn't the best while we were there. There was rain throughout the day. I had to tweak the sky a tad in this photograph to get the contrast and texture in the clouds and I cropped it a bit to more fully accentuate the house itself. All-in-all I'm happy with it. Although I do hope to go back again and make an even better photograph of it.


Dorky Musician said...

I was there a long time ago. It's a great place to visit. It's too bad we live too far north, otherwise I'd take my family there for a day. We toured the house, the winery and the garden. I think I'd run out of room on my 8Gb card if I was to go back.

Nice capture... To bad there are trees on the right to block that side of the house. If I remember correctly, though, there is a souvenir shop on that side and some other stuff.

Craig Lee said...

Well, it is a tree-lined driveway. ;-) There are some shops over on that side. They are built in the former stables and barn. There is also a nice restaurant in there as well.