Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Went on a Hike

At Rest

My son and I went on a hike with his cub scout group this past weekend. We hiked about five miles through Camp Croft State Park. The weather was overcast with light rain/drizzle in the early morning. The rain ended by the time that we got started on the trail though. It was pleasantly cool for the trip with the sun staying behind the clouds.

I'm surprised that all of us made it through the hike. I had a couple of cramps that evening, but I was no where near as stiff as I usually am after that much hiking.

Kids being kids, they immediately wanted to go to the playground after the hike. During the hike there were complaints about sour feet and such. After the hike? "Can we play on the jungle gym?" Kids. They get their energy by sucking it out of the adults.

This shot is of my son resting briefly on the playground.

Keep shooting.


John Brainard said...

Nice shot of your son, Craig. I've always enjoyed taking pictures of my kids on the playground... And, they always seem to have enough energy left over to play on the playground, room left over for desert... You get the idea. :)

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, John. I'm always amazed at his energy level. Although he did sleep well that night. :-)