Friday, October 23, 2009


Autumn Leaf

This is my favorite photograph from the trip up to the mountains. The reason is that I have been trying out a new focusing method. Basically what I have done is reprogrammed the shutter release button to only lock in the exposure when I press it halfway down. By default, the shutter release takes the exposure reading and focuses when you press it halfway down. Then I programed the AF-On button on the back of the camera to preform the focusing function. This lets me focus with the AF-On button and "lock" it simply by releasing the button for static subjects. If the subject is moving, then it continually tracks the subject and tries to keep it in focus.

This particular image was obviously a static subject. However, it is the sharpest image that I've gotten since reprogramming the camera buttons. It is sharp enough that you can see the very tiny veins that run throughout the leaf's membrane. Thus, it proves to me that I'm on the right track with this new focusing method.

Keep shooting.

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