Friday, October 30, 2009

Light Circle

Light Circle

My son's Cub Scout group participated in the district's annual Camporee last weekend. Camping out one night is a requirement for one of the achievements that he needs for his WEBLOS badge. During the day there were various activities for the boys the most popular being BB-Guns and archery ... naturally. His group also organized and cooked their lunch to complete another requirement for the badge.

The boys had a lot of fun. The weather was quite nice throughout the day. There was none of the rain that had been predicted for the day earlier in the week. It did get cool during the night, but we had cold weather sleeping bags that were more than enough.

In this photograph, Connor is spinning around a flashlight while we were waiting for the evening's events to start. Long exposure times let you blur movement. Many time you don't want to use longer exposure times as it causes your pictures to be blurry. However, if you do it on purpose, it can make for some fun and different images.

Keep shooting.


Pixel Peeper said...

Very ghostly-looking, perfect for the season!

Craig Lee said...

I hadn't thought of it looking Holloweeny. Neat!