Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Red Alert!


A photo of the safety light in our quarters on board the Yorktown. I guess it was meant to provide a bit of low intensity light for people to move around after "lights out". I liked the color and shape of the light, although there wasn't much else about it or the immediate area that was particularly interesting. So, I treated the image with selective color to draw attention to the light itself. Not sure if it works or not in the end, but I am trying to experiment around more with my post processing.

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Speaking of post processing I just got Adobe Photoshop CS4! The FedEx man dropped it in front of my door yesterday afternoon. I am quite excited about it. Adobe is running an upgrade special for owners for Photoshop Elements 4-current where the full Photoshop CS4 is heavily discounted. I had missed the offer both times they had it last year, but thankfully a poster over at the DPS (Digital Photography School) forums mentioned getting an email about it. I searched for it on Adobe's site, didn't see it and was about to leave when one of their customer service reps started a chat session with me. I asked him about it, he confirmed that I had Elements 5 and gave me a link to the order page for the upgrade in the Adobe Shop.

As I said it arrived yesterday and I am already a Photoshop master! Ok, well maybe not even close. But I have been reading Scott Kelby's new book "The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers" while waiting for it to arrive. It is a great book like all of Mr. Kelby's that I have read so far. He walks you step-by-step through each of the PS CS4 programs (Bridge, Camera RAW, PS) in a results oriented way. If you want to see how to start doing things right away, I think this book is a great means for that. He gives you helpful tips and tricks throughout and discusses customizing the UIs for better workflows. If you are looking for more of a reference style book, then this one probably isn't what you are looking for as he writes in his conversational style and doesn't bog you down with technical details. I will likely get another Photoshop book of the reference sort as I get more comfortable with the applications. For now, this book is what I need to get kick-started into the wide and woolly world of Photoshop.

Right now I'm learning about Bridge. I like is so far. I think it will help with the organization, sorting, and image rating of my workflow.

That's it for today.

Keep Shooting!

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