Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Through the Streets

Through the Streets

The USA Cycling Pro Championship Time Trial and Road races were held in Greenville again this past weekend. I had forgotten about them until the Friday before when they were on the local news again. Instead of going to Cleveland Park as we had for the past couple of years, I went by myself to downtown Greenville where the Start and Finish lines were set-up. I must have read the course map wrong because I was on the wrong side of the start line for the start. However, it did give me a nice view of the riders as they turned onto Main Street and came down the hill at the Peace Center.

I didn't stay all day for the entire race. It was starting to cloud up and I didn't want to get caught in a thunderstorm. Plus, I was beginning to overheat a bit from being in the open streets. Not having a place to sit and get a drink from a cooler like the past years at the park a problem. However, the downtown area was a very different environment to watch the race and to photograph the racers in making it worth it I suppose.

Overall I think I got few shots that I like, but I can see where I still need to work on my sports photography. There is always next year as they announced the race will be in Greenville again in 2010.

Keep shooting.


Chris Osborne said...

Yeah, sport photography can be a pain. Really fast stuff and no time to set it up, let alone try again if you don't get it.

But I like this one. It gives me a good sense of how many people were in the race and where they're going.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, Chris. The rider in the middle with the white tunic and green glass is George Hincape. He is a local rider and former teammate of Lance Armstrong's. He also won the road race that day.

Susan I said...

Love this one!!

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, Susan!