Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For the Kids

For the Kids

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend. Friday was my birthday, but I was a bit down the whole day. After a point in your life, birthdays don't seem to be quite the joyous event they were when we were kids.

Anyway, this photograph was taken just before the start of the kid's Fun Ride during the USA Procycling Championships in Greenville a couple weekends ago. It was held when pros started on their second long lap over Paris Mountain. What kind of tickled my sense of humor was that it wasn't a "race" and that each kid would end up getting a medal for participating. Hence, this photograph of one of the race volunteers running down the street with some of the medals that would be given to the kids in the Fun Ride. The large, floppy hat was a plus too.

Keep shooting.


Pixel Peeper said...

Happy belated birthday, Craig!

No reason to be down about it - birthdays are terrific lens buying opportunities!

Chris Osborne said...

Happy birthday, even though I'm late. I think I've hit that birthday block too, and I'll be 23 next Friday.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes. Chris you're too young to be dreading them yet. ;-)