Friday, August 28, 2009

Moon over Lights

Reflected Lights

Two sources of reflected light in this photograph. The sunlight reflecting off of the light pole, and the sunlight reflecting off of the Moon. Even from so far away, we can see the Moon's reflected light during the daytime. I guess the blue sky might count as one too. The blue color comes from sunlight bouncing around the atmosphere and being filtered to the blue end of the spectrum ... sort of anyway. It's more complex than I believe. This photograph was taken out at Wofford College when we went to watch the Carolina Panthers' training camp.

Keep shooting.


Chris Osborne said...

I've always enjoyed seeing the moon during the day. For me, it's a reminder that there's always something hidden behind the scenes that will become important later.

Craig Lee said...

This is the first time that I recall having my camera with me when the moon was out during the day. Hope to catch it more often.