Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marineland Canada

Beluga Whale

Our last day in Niagara Falls we spent the afternoon at Marineland Canada. Our son really wanted to go after passing by it and seeing the amusement rides. We thought that he had been subjected to a lot of walking around just to look at stuff, so one day of a touristy amusement park would be fun for him.

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At Marineland we watched the Dolphin & Sea Lion show and the walrus feeding. We admired the beluga whales and avoided getting splashed by the orcas. We also rode a couple of the rides. Connor rode a "big" ride by himself for the first time. It was a good afternoon and he had fun and was excited by his first big ride. He is getting old enough to start doing some things like that on his own ... they grow up too fast don't they?

The photograph today was taken in one of the beluga whale viewing areas. This particular beluga swam past us and smiled. They seem like such happy animals. They really appear to enjoy getting their foreheads rubbed by their trainers too.

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Pixel Peeper said...

What a whale of a smile!

Glad you made it to Marineland. And yeah, regarding your son - DON'T. EVER. BLINK. ANY. MORE.

'Cuz if you do, he'll have a driver's license and get ready for his senior year...

Craig Lee said...

That is the truth. Time seems to have sped up after he was born.