Thursday, August 13, 2009


Niagara Fireworks

Our last evening at Niagara Falls, we went back to the falls to watch the light show and the fireworks. The fireworks are launched from an old electrical power facility on the Canadian side that is built into the gorge. So, they are launched from below the area the spectators are gathered. The fireworks show wasn't very long, and there was no music piped in to accompany them, but they were still quite beautiful and fun to watch.

This was the first time that I had gotten the change to photograph fireworks. I had been setting up the camera to photograph the waterfalls when the fireworks started. So, I had to rush to turn the camera toward them, get them framed up and start capturing images. I set the camera into Bulb exposure mode and used my wired cable release to trigger the shutter. I would open the shutter with the cable release, count to about 10, and then close the shutter to end the exposure. I would then glance at the image on the LCD to see if I got the amount of light trails that I wanted and reduce or extended the shutter open time to compensate. Over all I'm quite happy with them for a first attempt. I just wish that the spotlight wasn't flaring around the left half of the frame. That just means I need to go back and try again ... right? ;-)

Keep shooting.

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