Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Fling

Yeah, it has been slow around here lately. We did go out to Converse College a few days ago. However, I didn't get any photographs that I particularly liked. That does happen occasionally. Sometimes the photography clicks, and sometimes it doesn't. Kind of like Life, I suppose. So long as you keep working at it, you are ahead of the game. It wasn't anything to do with Converse's campus, which is quite lovely. I simply didn't get the best images that I wanted. Of course, that just means that I'll have to go back and try again.

This weekend is Spartanburg's annual Spring Fling event. It is the city's spring street fair. Rides, street performances, stage performances, artists, musicians, vendors, etc. There is usually a lot going on and some fun for everyone. This year I'll be helping the Spartanburg Photography Guild hand out fliers for our "Meeting and Greet" kick-off next week. We'll be at the Spartan Photo Center tents on and off throughout the day tomorrow. Other times we will be wondering around to enjoy the festivities.

Spring Fling runs from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon.

Come on out if you are in the area.

Keep shooting.

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