Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Reflections

Spring Reflections

I saw these trees reflected in one of the ponds at Swan Lake in Sumter and thought that the colors would make a good image. With reflections like this I always wonder how I should have the image oriented. The way it is in this shot is how it was when I saw the reflection. The trees are across the pond, so the tops of the trees are closest to me in the reflection. You can see some ripples in the water in the upper portion of the image which gives the clue that it is a reflection and not simply an upside down photograph of some colorful trees.

Would it be better this way, with the reflection "upside down" but correct for how I saw it? Or would it be better rotated so it looks like the trees are "right-side-up", but you wouldn't realize it was a reflection until you noticed the ripples at the base of the trees?

Keep shooting.

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