Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Swan Lake

Swan Lake

This is not about the ballet. Last week, while visiting my parents, we took a trip over to Sumter, South Carolina and the Swan Lake and Iris Gardens.

My parents discovered the gardens a couple of years ago, and we had been trying to arrange a visit together. This time the weather and seasons cooperated and we were able to spend an afternoon there walking around the ponds, watching the swans and other birds, and generally enjoying a pleasant afternoon out with the family. My mother thought that most of the swans must have been hiding, but I thought there were plenty to see. Of course there were quite a few Canadian geese as well. Plus, we saw a few anhingas/cormorants as well a beautiful little wood duck. The flowers were not quite in bloom yet though. We saw some dogwoods of course, but the azaleas and particularly the irises had not budded out yet.

As I said, it was a pleasant afternoon outing with the family.

Keep shooting.

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