Monday, March 15, 2010

The Lady ...

Playing Coy

I was back out at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens this weekend for a couple of photography classes. The classes were taught by Charlotte, NC based wildlife photographer Dave Kelly. The morning class was on metering light for proper exposure, while the afternoon class was about using depth of field. Both classes were well attended and I recognized several of the people from last weekend's photography show. I enjoyed both classes and look forward to taking some more of Mr. Kelly's offerings at the Gardens.

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This particular photograph is one of several I took of a little scene that was pointed out to me by some other visitors in the conservatory. While the class was in the conservatory practicing our morning lesson, a group of visitors got my attention and said something like, "Here's a picture for you!". Curious, I went to look and found a couple of lizards engaged in courting. This was the female lizard who was kind of hiding and playing playing coy. You can see that she is changing colors between green and brown, which I thought was kind of a neat catch. The real star of the scene was the male who we'll see tomorrow.

Keep shooting.

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Pixel Peeper said...

Ooooh - I love botanical gardens! To be able to take a photography class right there sounds like such a treat - I bet you enjoyed it.

Alas - 600 miles is a bit far to drive, though the orchid conservatory there sounds like it would be worth the trip!

Enjoyed your orchid pictures, and the lizard is a great catch. They are so quick and shy.