Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cowpens Flock

Turkeys in the Woods

Last Friday, I took my son out to the Cowpens National Battlefield. We had not been out there in quite a while, and it was a nice afternoon, if a tad windy. The park has a nice walking path through it. The highlight of the the outing was when we encountered a small flock of wild turkeys in some of the woods. We stalked them for a while. The birds were quite aware of us and stayed a safe distance away. Luckily, I took my camera bag with me, instead of leaving it in the car like my first intention. You see, I had planned on sticking with just one lens to see what I could get with it rather than carrying everything with me for "just in case" situations. If I had left it behind, then I would not have had my telephoto lens with me. As it was, I did have the telephoto with me and was able to get a couple of shots of the flock as we circled each other in the woods.

Sometimes carrying everything on you works out. A lot of times, it just seems to add weight for nothing other than exercise.

Keep shooting.


lhd said...

love it.....looks like my back yard! lois

Craig Lee said...

Thanks. I bet you had Patriots and Redcoats running around there too. ;)

lhd said...

Well, the Redcoats (actually, the "Regulars") as a group got within a few miles, but the Patriots passed this way one early April morning on their way to Concord and Lexington. The Minutemen were often here as the town Training Field was very close. Keep shooting, Craig, you do great work!.....lois