Wednesday, November 12, 2008



My son and I went downtown yesterday to watch the Veteran's Day parade. On the way back to the car I noticed that there was a very nice, evening sky. I thought it would make for a good background for some silhouettes by isolating subjects from the clues of their downtown environment. The above shot is of the statue of General Daniel Morgan, a local revolutionary war hero. I also got a couple of interesting shots of the palmetto tree fountain next to the Extended Stay corporate offices, as well as a couple of the trees. Nothing very fancy perhaps, but it was fun, and it helped to pass the time while the backed-up traffic cleared out of the area.

The other photos after the jump.

Trees and Sky


Palmetto Fountain

Daniel Morgan

Keep shooting.


Chris Osborne said...

I think I like the Palmetto silhouette best.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, Chris. It is one of my favorites of this set too.