Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Off Topic: Election Day

Twilight's Last Gleaming
A little off-topic message. Today is the national election day in the US. It doesn't matter who you support. It does matter that your voice gets heard. It our most important responsibility as citizens. So, do your duty and vote if you are eligible to vote.


John Brainard said...

I voted. My wife voted.

Craig Lee said...

Good to hear, John. We both did as well. Long lines and we had our son with us. Thank goodness for his Nintendo DS and headphones. It kept him occupied for most of the wait.

John Brainard said...

I took the day off to do yard work, so we figured we'd get there during the day while everyone was at work. Thankfully, there were no lines.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my lawn mower going. I bought a new battery, but they didn't tell me it needed to be charged! Uggh. I have a terribly overgrown yard covered in leaves that I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get to. It's supposed to rain this weekend.