Monday, August 4, 2008

The Power of Photography

Rather than post another shot from my archieves, I found something better to direct your attention too. Over on his blog, photographer Joe McNally has an inspirational article about how he helped a father fighting MS achieve the photograph he had in his head but couldn't shot himself. It is a good read. It shows how photography can touch and inspire us no matter who we are. I have nothing better to say about photography today.

Blogging from Both Sides, Part One by Joe McNally


Dorky Musician said...

I just read that one before stopping over here to see what you have. Great article. I enjoy Joe's blog. I'll probably pick up "The Moment It Clicks" soon.

I also read his assistant's blog too. Both are very good when they have content!

Craig Lee said...

I've been reading his assistant's blog too.

By the way, I found out last night that Joe has another book coming out about using small strobes. Going to have reserve it on Amazon.

Dorky Musician said...

That's good to know. I'm anxious to purchase my first flash unit and hopefully upgrade it with pocket wizards, stand and umbrella. I was talking to a guy a while ago who has a couple 580ex IIs, pocket wizards, umbrellas and stands. His total investment in each complete stand setup was around $700! :-O

I really am anxious to start playing around, strobist style! :)