Monday, August 25, 2008


The Corner

This past weekend was Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk. The Greenville, SC event was a lot of fun and we had great weather for it. A front had come through and cleared out all of the haze, plus the humidity was low and we had a good wind to keep it cool. Met some other photographers, shot some pictures, had lunch, and most of all had a lot of fun. I even found a couple of new areas in that part of town that I didn't know about.

My full gallery is here.
The Flickr group is here.

Keep shooting.


John Brainard said...

I like the photo you chose for this entry. It's nicely composed and appears to be aligned perfectly. Did you do any perspective adjustments or cropping to it?

I liked many of the photos you put in your Zenfolio gallery. They are realy nice shots.

I like this one for the darkened background.

And this one for its abstract nature. It appears to be a wet, marble surface.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, John.

I didn't do any cropping or straightening to that particular photograph. It seems a bit off to me, but when I measured it with my straighen tool, it appeared to be straight. Might be an optical illusion or slight lens distortion.

I liked the contrast of the "Death Star" too. It makes it look like it is out in space at first, then you notice the wire.

The fountain is made from black granite. It is an odd thing actually and hard to get it all in the frame at once. So, when I shoot it, I tend to try abstracts. This is the same fountain that my shot, "The Wish" was taken at. That is the severely cropped photograph with the penny creating ripples across the water.