Friday, October 8, 2010

Rising Water


The area of North Dakota where my mother grew up used to be fields as far as you could see. However, that has been changing the past several years. Water has been rising throughout the region. Roads have been cut off. Farms flooded out. Devil's Lake, Stump Lake, and Lake Lorretta have all overflowed their banks and inundated hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland. In many places instead of wheat fields, there are now plains of cattails stretching as far as the eye can see.

We saw this old, abandoned farm house on a small hill. It's fields taken over by Lake Lorretta. The county road we were on had obviously been elevated to stay above the lake water. Even then, it was only a couple of feet above the water.

Keep shooting.

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lhd said...

yup, Lake Laretta was a slough when your Mom and I were kids. I knew the world had changed some years ago when I went back home and found they were selling bait at the Johnson Store. I once expressed amazement with all the water, and Uncle Elmer said.....oh, you grew up in the dry years.....guess we did!