Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Ball in the Sky!

Big Ball

When you are photographing using long shutter speeds, you can do things that you normally try to avoid doing in order to get some interesting effects. Usually, you try to keep the camera nice and still on the tripod so that you don't get a blurring image. However, if you are deliberate with your camera movements or adjustments, then you can get effects like the one above. This was taken by zooming my lens while the shutter was open. This caused the streaks streaming into the building as well as changing the apparent depth between the building and the fireworks. In this case it made the fireworks appear as a big ball and as though the fireworks were launched from in front of the building rather than from behind it.

Breaking the "rules" of photography can result in interesting images so long as you understand what you are changing and are careful with how you make those changes.


Pixel Peeper said...

Been enjoying your firework pictures! It rained so much here that I didn't feel like going out to watch any this year.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks. I'm sorry the weather interfered with them for you this year. That seems to happen often here too ... well, except when we are in a "drought".