Monday, April 20, 2009

Rose Hill Plantation

Rose Hill Plantation

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This weekend we visited Rose Hill Plantation near Union, South Carolina. It was the home of former SC Governor William H. Gist. Gov. Gist was a staunch proponent of Southern States' secession from the US which eventually led to the Civil War. Because of this, he is known as the "Secession Governor". More after the jump.

Rose Hill Plantation got it's name from the rose and hedge garden that the governor planted around the house. It is indicative of the English box-hedge style garden which was popular among the wealthy of the period. Another distinctive feature of the gardens are the large magnolia trees which now obscure the front facade from the driveway. The trees are thought to be either children or grandchildren of original magnolias brought to the US and which now line the drive at the Augusta National Golf Course. When they were brought to the country, it was believed that they would only grow to about 15 feet high. The governor might not have planted them if he had known how tall they would have grown.

The plantation is now part of the South Carolina state parks system. There are tours of the house, several period out-buildings, a nature trail and large open lawns. A picnic shelter is available for rental as well.

I will post more photographs from the visit throughout the week.

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Susan I said...

Lovely perspective of the house and wow all that green. Hasn't the rain made everything beautiful.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, Susan I. The rain has been a blessing this year. I think we are coming out of the drought.