Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm back

Down Lawson's Fork Creek

It has been a while hasn't it? I've been dealing with a lot of stuff and hadn't been able to get out with the camera very much. Things have not really settled down, but I am trying to make time for photography again now that the weather is more agreeable. However, it does seem to like to rain on the weekends for some reason.

Earlier this week I went to the Glendale Shoals Preserve. It is a conservation preserve of the Spartanburg Area Conservancy based around the historic Glendale Mills property. Lawson's Fork Creek flows under an iron trussed bridge, over the mill's dam, and over exposed rock below the dam. The preserve has a couple of trails, numerous picnic tables, and some historic kiosks relating the story of Glendale Mills and the area's natural features. I didn't spend very much time there, but I do look forward to going back and exploring it in better detail.

This photograph is Lawson's Fork Creek as it re-enters it's wooded embankments below the shoals before leaving the Preserve.

Keep shooting.


Pixel Peeper said...

Welcome back! It's frustrating how life gets in the way sometimes...

This looks like a very nice spot - seems it would be a lot of fun for kayaking in the summer.

Craig Lee said...

The area is part of a "paddling trail" along the creek. I read a kiosk with the various "legs" mapped out. This particular portion was listed for "advanced" paddlers as there is a small falls further downstream.