Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blue Ridge Parkway Sunset, Day 2

Sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains

Sunset on the second day up on the Blue Ridge was nice. Not spectacular, but nice. There were no clouds on the horizon to add texture and drama. There was a haze that ... well, hazed over the distance. I was having a hard time during this sunset getting a good exposure for the sky and the foreground. As you can see in this shot, the foreground went dark very quickly. The one little bit of light kissing the nearest ridge does add a hint of the ridge's texture. Again, this was an HDR blend with a little additional post-processing in Lightroom 3 for color and contrast.

All in all it was a good workshop, and I did come away with a few images that I liked.

Keep shooting.


Pixel Peeper said...

Oh - you saved the best one for last. This is my favorite of all your pictures from the workshop!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, Pixil.

Although, I need to get out with the camera again. I'm kind of out of photographs to share now.

Jim T. said...

Absolutely stunning, Craig. It brings back good memories of looking over those mountains.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks, Jim. It is a good area to live in.

Susan I said...

This is an amazing shot. I love the colors. I just purchased LightRoom 3 but haven't even loaded it. I need to do some reading. I hear it has a completely different interface than Photoshop.