Monday, August 9, 2010

Jocassee Waterfall

A Jocassee Waterfall

Here is a photograph of one of the waterfall that we visited on Lake Jocassee last week. I believe this is the first one that we saw.

Photographing waterfalls from a boat is ... interesting. Normally, you want to be set up on a tripod to minimize movement so that you can use a longer shutter speed to capture that nice "cotton candy" water blur. Long shutter speeds and a boat don't go well together though. The boat keep moving which would make the entire picture blurry instead of just the water cascade. Both of the lenses I used that day were image stablized, and I used them in their "active" setting. The active setting attempts to compensate for all movement at once and specifically meant to be used while on moving platforms ... like a boat.

It worked well enough I suppose. I got some nice blurred cascades with some of the waterfalls that we saw later in the day.

Keep shooting.


Pixel Peeper said...

Your Jocassee pictures are ideal for admiring on hot, muggy, steamy days!

Craig Lee said...

Thanks. It was definitely hot and muggy that day.