Thursday, May 6, 2010


Lunch at Groucho's

During Spring Fling we at lunch at Groucho's Deli. Groucho's is a local sandwich shop right on one of the corners of a main intersection downtown. The sandwiches were good, the service was great. It's a very casual kind of place. Kid's can draw on the walls with crayons if they want. All in all Groucho's is a nice place for a quick sandwich and to escape the mid-day heat.

I saw these bills and the menu and immediately thought they made an interesting picture together. Something different, but it's good to be different sometimes. Pixils are free after all.

Keep shooting.


Pixel Peeper said...

Sometimes the most ordinary things make the most interesting pictures!

I've eaten at Groucho's - at the one in Lexington, SC. Yummy food!

Craig Lee said...

I didn't know it was a chain. Suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Everything seems to be a chain this days.