Friday, February 19, 2010


Father and Son

This photograph was taken at my son's school yard last week. I had meant to post it earlier, but we got the snow last weekend. It seems like a better picture to end the week with to me anyway.

My son was playing around and rolling down this little hill near the playground. As I was looking around for interesting subjects to photograph, I noticed my shadow stretching down the hill. I took a few frames of just my shadow, before the idea came to me that it would be better with my son's shadow in it as well. I called him up to stand beside me, framed the shot, and took a few photographs of our shadows together. While I was developing the image, I tried a black and white treatment, but that just didn't quite work well for me in this case.

Photographs are where you find them. Even stretching down a hill at your feet.

Keep shooting.

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