Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Lighting at the Carolina Auto Show is a strange, fickle thing. It is held in a big, dark expo building. There are low power fluorescent lights for general lighting so visitors can see where they are going. The cars themselves are light by multiple, bright spotlights, plus they are polished to be as reflective as possible.

All of this means that you just can't count on the lighting, but you have to work with it. Add in the people around the cars and it can be a challenge to photograph stuff. How I handle it is by looking for particular details that stand out to me. Rather than photographing the entire car which likely has people inside and all around it, I will photograph the hood ornament, or the name badge, or some unusual set of lines. Basically, I abstract it I suppose.

This photograph is of the hood of one the more popular cars at the show. I helped that it was the first thing you saw when you came through the entrance. The 2010 Corvette had people around it and inside it constantly while I was there. However, I really liked the hood detail and the car's identifiable badge. It is red like a 'Vette should be. It looks like the hood of a fast car. It says to me everything that a Corvette is supposed to be. I didn't really need a picture of the entire car. This one said it all.

Keep shooting.

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