Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blue Sky, Blue Water

Presque Isle North Pierhead Lighthouse

Another place that we stopped to visit on our way to Niagara Falls was Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania. The day we visited was going to be the shortest day of travel up to Niagara and we had some time to do a bit of sightseeing before our friend got off of work. The night before we looked at our maps and noticed that Presque Isle was very close to our route. We looked it up on the internet as well and decided it would be a good place to spend the free hours in our schedule. Plus, it gave us the change to stretch our legs after being in the car for a day and half, and allowed us to show our son one of the Great Lakes up close.

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There are two lighthouses on Presque Isle. The one in the photograph is the Presque Isle North Pierhead Lighthouse. It sits out on a pier that seems to be a popular fishing spot due to all of the people fishing off of it during our visit. The lighthouse marks the entrance into Presque Isle Bay and the Erie Harbor. We were fortunate to have some nice light and interesting skies, although it was quite windy at the time.

There isn't really anything special with how I took or processed this photograph. It isn't an HDR or other digital magic. I simply used Lightroom 2 to boost the contrast, Vibrance and Clarity/sharpness an touch. I think I did use a polarizing filter to cut the reflections on the water and darken the sky. Another element that I liked was the sailboat. It contrasts well with the lighthouse and gives a bit more context to the lighthouse's function.

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Susan I said...

Great vanishing point shot and your colors really pop.

Craig Lee said...

Thanks. I like the shot for those reasons too.

Anonymous said...

I love EVERYTHING about this photo. The composition is great and the colors really do pop!

Craig Lee said...

Thank you, Everyday. :-)