Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Running with the pack

On your marks!

This is a close-up of the trophies from the Shamrock Fun Run. As you can see, there were quite a few due to the various age groups. I was particularly attracted to the fading lines and reflections made by the trophies. I also "worked" them from several angles and compositions. This is my favorite of all of them.

It always helps to change your shooting angles, height, distance, compositions, etc. whenever you are able to do so. Take photographs from odd places. Get the camera out of your natural height and you will notice that they start to improve. Get above, below, to the side, up close, far away, etc. from your natural inclination to lock your knees and shoot with the camera in the same place all of the time. You will start to see more interesting things, your compositions will start to look different than those of everyone else with you at the time, and you will begin to see how the quality of light changes with even small changes in angle or position.

Keep shooting.

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